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Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation

Junaidi Payne and Cede Prudente

Publication date: 4th February 2008 Price: £24.99 hardback
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‘This well-documented, in-depth book by Junaidi Payne and Cede Prudente is an essential resource for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of one of the world’s most intelligent species and learn more about the conservation efforts dedicated to improving its long-term survival.’
- James P. Leape, Director General of WWF International

Orang-utans are a source of fascination to humans. Genetically very closely related to Homo sapiens, they are highly intelligent, sensitive creatures that seem at once both familiar and alien to us in their behaviour, culture and society. Junaidi Payne, a conservation biologist with WWF-Malaysia, provides a compelling insight into the world of orang-utans, their habitat, behaviour and characteristics, as well as an informative look the conservation and rehabilitation of this incredible species.

Fully illustrated throughout with stunning images by wildlife photographer and conservationist, Cede Prudent, this book reveals these solitary creatures in their rainforest homes and provides a window into the world of orang-utans. Capable of learning sign language and imitating human behaviour such as ‘brushing’ their teeth and ‘washing’ clothes, learn more about the ways in which they communicate and discover why they have been called the most intelligent species after human beings.

As well as information on their distribution, evolution and society, this book also raises important issues surrounding the ethics of keeping orang-utans in zoos, takes a look at the reasons why they are a threatened species and explores what can be done to ensure their survival. Orang-utans is a visually stunning and informative guide for anyone interested in the welfare of one of our closest relatives.

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Junaidi Payne is a British conservationist based in Sabah, Malaysia. He has worked for WWF-Malaysia since 1979 on wildlife survey, forestry and conservation planning projects. He is also an established author, who works include Wild Malaysia and This is Borneo (both published by New Holland).

A professional wildlife photographer and conservationist, Cede Prudente runs the North Borneo Safari and conducts photosafari trips in parks and wildlife reserves in Sabah. His images regularly feature in adverts, magazines and Malaysian tourism promotional material. Cede recently won the prestigious ‘Best Still Photography’ award at the Wildlife Asia Film Festival with a shot of a swinging orang-utan.