Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Indonesian Nature Conservation Newsletter

If you would like to be kept up to date once a week on matters concerning all Indonesian wildlife and environmental news, I can highly recommend the following free newsletter. To receive it you just need to send a PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ME email to one of the email addresses below.

The Indonesian Nature Conservation newsletter (INCL) is a non-profit internet e-mail list for announcements and news about topics related to nature conservation in Indonesia. Messages appear in digest format and are sent out once a week in both English and bahasa Indonesia, text or HMTL format (English and bahasa Indonesia editions differ and are not just translations).

English version of INCL was first published as the initiation of Ed-Colijn on 1998. Then it improved on 1999 with assistance provided by Muhamad Muchtar. In the middle of year 2000, INCL in Indonesian version was published. Since 2005 INCL has started using googlegroups mailing list until now.

We like to stress that the inclusion of press clipping and information in INCL does not mean that included reports have been verified. If we come across a questionable report we try to verify its contents but not all reports have been or will be checked. Please read with skepticism, read critically and use your own judgment. The copyright of press clippings is held by the sources that are listed in each report.

We would appreciate it if you acknowledge the Indonesian Nature Conservation newsletter (INCL) in case you re-distribute any (parts) of the INCL reports.

To subscribe, please send email to the INCL team at: (English version) or Indonesian edition).
INCL Team:
Evi Indraswati Widia Lastiana Email: