Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Where and how to see orangutans in the wild - don't leave it too long before you do!

In response to frequent requests for information etc.

Below all the photos on the right-hand side, links to travel companies are gradually being added. Only because I don't have personal experience of each one, I am unable to recommend any particular company. All I can do is to mention some and leave you to thoroughly check out any you find of interest.

I can appreciate when planning such a trip some people might naturally have questions or concerns. The first thing to do is to ask one or more travel operators the same question! If you get stuck you can always email me sw@naturealert.org and I may be able to help.

I can also recommend excellent books like Lonely Planet.

This small company www.orangutanexperience.com specialises in escorted trips - once you have reached Central Kalimantan/Borneo - a long way, but easy enough to reach by plane.