Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Orangutan suffering. One of many an orangutan charity has abandoned.

Her name is Neng. She is five years old and she has been chained like this for four of those years. A COP investigator discovered Neng last week. She's paralyzed. When COP found her, she had a high fever and her eyes were inflamed.

We want to rescue her, but are unable to do so because a famous orangutan Charity (NOT Orangutan Appeal UK who are strong supporters of COPs work) will not accept any orangutans like Neng. How do we know? Because we have being trying unsuccessfully to get them to help many other orangutans in need of help. They have the space and the money, maybe some of your money, but they refuse to help. Pleas to their major sponsor, a large UK animal welfare charity with millions of pounds, have all met with a negative response.

Neng is clearly in pain, suffering 24/7, and charities with massive sums of money specifically donated to help save orangutans, won't do so - and won't explain why. How anyone can accept public money to help save orangutans, and then refuse to do so, leaves me incredulous and angry. How do you feel? Whatever our feelings, imagine how Neng must feel. She will surely die soon, alone and in constant pain.

The chain around her neck is just one metre long - that's how far she has moved in four (4) years. I repeat, four (4) years on a one metre chain. Look at how thin she is.