Saturday, 10 April 2010

"Lucky" finally got lucky after six years.

I am not sure how or when this poor orangutan got his name of "Lucky", but his luck was in when someone called Hardi/COP to come and rescue Lucky yesterday.

Believe it or not Lucky had been kept in this tiny cage 24/7 for six years.

Grossly overweight through lack of exercise and being fed the wrong food for six years, Lucky posed a serious challenge to the COP team who set about moving him to a rescue centre some two hours away. At 02.00 this morning Lucky finally arrived at the Jogja rescue centre and when he will have found himself in a spacious cage, but on a diet!

It is impossible here to exaggerate how difficult this rescue was. Without COP, Lucky would still be in that dreadful cage you see below. The second photo shows Hardi talking to, reassuring Lucky everything would be okay; the people in the other photos wearing grey shirts are COP team members - remember it was midnight before Lucky was loaded onto a vehicle ready for moving to the rescue centre. More photos will follow in due course.