Tuesday, 6 April 2010

SBY rebukes Cabinet for slow anti-logging drive

SBY rebukes Cabinet for slow anti-logging drive

Tue, 04/06/2010 11:58 AM National Jakarta Post

JAKARTA: President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his disappointment at his Cabinet on Monday for failing to update him on current illegal logging activities.

"Unlike in the past, I haven't been updated on anti-illegal logging operations," Yudhoyono said during a Cabinet meeting at his office.

He said that a recent flurry of landslides and floods in some regions in the country were caused by the degradation of forests, and then urged his subordinates to commit to continue anti-logging activities despite a lack of recent media coverage of the issue.

"The police should mobilize more of its personnel. I want reports on the condition of our forests in each province," he said.

The President also called for joint action in intensifying nationwide reforestation efforts. "Make environmental NGOs our partners," he said. - JP