Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The message below is the conclusion of many months dialogue with this company. Nature Alert and its fantastic supporters have deprived AP&P from sending more of its environmentally destructive paper to Europe. This is what can be achieved when you are passionate and persistent about an issue. It also proves sending letters does work.

THANK YOU to all who gave me your support and helped with sending letters to Spicers


Hi Sean Following your email a few days ago, I have explored further as to our current status are pleased to advise that Spicers UK has accelerated our movement from APP sourced products and that we are no longer placing any orders for any products from APP.

We would be grateful if you would acknowledge this speedy conclusion on your web site to counter the previous comments.

This is a good resolution and the work we have done over the past months to address the concerns that were raised by Nature Alert and internally as part of our Sustainable Development Priorities work.

Best wishes
Jane Rowe Marketing & Communications Director SPICERS - everything for the office