Saturday, 4 December 2010

BOSF in the limelight- again

Subject: FW: Video - The Sydney Morning Herald:

BOSF top management in Australia - not Indonesia or Thailand.

Be patient with the advertisements and then watch how BOSF have sent their top two people to Australia. Well, why would only one go when money seemingly is no barrier to expenditure?

Why the top two people who control the funds, and not a scientist or someone involved with rehab?

Makes you wonder does it not? I also wonder if anyone connected with BOSF is currently lapping up the sunshine and tequilas at that conference in Mexico? We did ask, but have yet to receive an answer. Hmmnn.

These two officials will be experiencing a much better weekend than the 12 orangutans BOSF abandoned in Thailand.

Subject: Video - - The Sydney Morning Herald

Keep in mind, BOSF have yet to tell us who sponsored their 4 day conference at that luxury hotel on the coast.

We are left to wonder if it might have been a palm oil company, a coal mining company, or ?
They have also not revealed their financial accounts. Why would a charity not do this?