Monday, 26 November 2007

Police Take Greenpeace Activists into Custody

Police Take Greenpeace Activists into Custody
Published 25.11.2007, 17.52 (updated 25.11.2007, )

Over 30 Greenpeace activists were taken into police custody Sunday for trying to block a ship transporting palm oil to a Neste Oil refinery near Porvoo. Activists aboard rubber boats tried to prevent the tanker from docking. Police said the activists were from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Neste Oil said demonstrators did not get on the site of the actual refinery.Greenpeace said it's calling for Neste Oil to stop using palm oil in diesel production.

The organisation says palm oil use destroys rainforests in Asia and results in greenhouse gas emissions.According to Jarmo Honkavaara, executive vice-president of Neste Oil, the company has discussed the issue with Greenpeace for quite some time.

He said that both sides agree that measures should be taken to protect the environment. He added that Neste Oil has acted in the most responsible manner possible.The tanker, which was carrying 9,000 tonnes of palm oil, was on its way to Finland from Rotterdam.