Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sainsbury's bans palm oil from “unsustainable” sources

For overseas recipients of my emails, Sainsburys are the third largest supermarket company
in the UK.

I have been saying all along that what they have just announced, could be achieved by all companies. What has brought this about is doubtles the campaign reports, tens of thousands of postcards, countless emails and a lot of negative press. i.e. People Power.

Sainsbury's are talking about their all-powerful own label brands. As these are made for them by Unilever etc, the message will be getting back to Malaysia, Indonesia etc.



21 Nov 2007
Sainsbury's bans palm oil from “unsustainable” sources

The supermarket group announced today that all palm oil used in its own-brand food would now come from certified sustainable sources.

Sainsbury’s Basics Fish Fingers will be the first to contain certified sustainable palm oil, converting by May 2008.

The company said: “Increased demand for palm oil is potentially an environmental catastrophe, impacting on climate change, deforestation, the habitats of orang-utans, as well as local communities.”

By July 2008 Sainsbury’s soap will switch to sustainable palm oil, amounting to some three million bars a year.

Sainsbury’s will also label the use of palm oil in all its food, completing labelling on its fresh and chilled food by July 2008.

Judith Batchelar, director of Sainsbury’s brand, said: “From soap to biscuits, palm oil is in thousands of everyday food and beauty items wherever you shop. Rather than banning the use of palm oil, we want to find a sustainable solution that will stop deforestation while continuing to support the communities that rely on its production.”

Adam Harrison, senior policy officer, food and agriculture, WWF, said: "We welcome Sainsbury's move to address the serious impacts of palm oil demand and hope that their actions will inspire others to follow suit and commit to using only Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified palm oil. All retailers need to take action on palm oil and on their other major environmental impacts.”