Monday, 18 February 2008

Illegal Logs, Ships Seized in E. Kalimantan

Illegal Logs, Ships Seized in E. Kalimantan

Source: The Jakarta Post - February 16, 2008 PASER, East Kalimantan

Police arrested Wednesday an Indonesian citizen and confiscated 720 cubic meters of illegal logs allegedly stolen from rainforest in Paser regency.

The man identified as JD was detained and the logs and three ships used to transport the logs were seized as material evidence for further investigations. East Kalimantan Police water police chief Sr. Comr. Harris Fadillah said the arrest was made on the Kerang River on a routine patrol of the regency.

"The logs and the ships were confiscated because they had no necessary documents from local forestry and transportation authorities," he said. Over the last two weeks, the military confiscated more than 32,000 logs allegedly stolen from rainforests in West Kalimantan. Illegal logging is still common in Kalimantan, despite tough laws and increased surveillance from security authorities. --JP