Monday, 25 February 2008

Losing Ground (The Human Cost Of Palm Oil Expansion)

Losing Ground (The Human Cost Of Palm Oil Expansion)

Executive Summary – Losing Ground
February 2008

In Brief: The challenge of tackling climate change has created a growing world market for agrofuels – vegetable crops which can be used to produce fuel for transport and power stations.

As a result, many developing countries are turning to crops such as oil palm to feed this demand. Indonesia, currently the world’s biggest producer of crude palm oil, is continuing a massive expansion of its palm oil industry, despite serious concerns about the impact of oil palm on the environment.

Now a new report by Friends of the Earth, Sawit Watch and LifeMosaic has revealed how Indonesian government policies and palm oil industry practices are harming the rights of local communities and indigenous people. This summary highlights the importance of these findings to policy makers in Europe and argues that in the face of such evidence, targets to increase agrofuel use in the UK and the rest of the EU are misguided, risking environmental damage and human rights abuses on an even bigger scale.

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