Thursday, 19 June 2008

Helping orangutans natural for LUSH

Helping orangutans natural for LUSH

Jun 18, 2008 04:30 AM

Do you care about orangutans?

LUSH Cosmetics, which provides handmade, natural products made from fruits and vegetables, is protecting Sumatra's rain forest, and the orangutan's habitat, by producing soaps without palm oil.

Soon, you'll be able to learn all about how the company sources its ingredients when you click on an item for sale on its website

Mark Wolverton, Vancouver-based president and CEO of LUSH North America, says he and his team of buyers travel the world armed with cameras to investigate and document the way ingredients are made. No products using child labour. No products produced in a conflict zone.

"We're unique. The niche we have is the front edge of handmade, natural, environmental, quality, treat-yourself-stuff.

Although organic, natural or environmentally friendly cosmetics are less than 5 per cent of the Canadian market, it is an area that is fast-growing and shows much promise for future growth.

Wolverton, whose company has been in Canada for a decade, says his market of ethically minded 20- to 45-year-olds do the research.

"In this day of information, people are far more educated about making choices."

LUSH sell its creams and lip balms in recyclable containers with little or no packaging and uses its profits (it is a private company so no numbers
divulged) to lobby for change in the environmental field. Sumatra's rain forest are one such project.

"People come to us because they want to support the environment," says Wolverton, adding that it also means "delivering a good, quality product that is not BS."

Trish Crawford