Wednesday, 25 June 2008

RI needs $1b for reforestation

note: The same Minister continues to sell off large tracts of forests to loggers/palm oil companies, whilst at the same time seeking money to replant trees. A lesson in how to double your money/profits.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Jakarta Post

RI needs $1b for reforestation

SEMARANG: Forestry Minister MS Ka'ban said his ministry would need US$1 billion to rehabilitate forests throughout the country.

"By rehabilitating our forests, we save our own earth," he said in a seminar here Tuesday.

"With global warming, triggered by carbon emissions from big industrial countries, some islands in Indonesia may go underwater due to the increasing sea water level from the melting of ice in the north and south poles."

Ka'ban said his ministry planned to rehabilitate 1.7 million hectares of forests at an expense of Rp 8.5 trillion (US$917 million) this year.

He added that the ministry had considered making tree planting obligatory for married couples and school children nationwide. -- JP