Friday, 18 July 2008

Nature Alert profile etc.

Until this last visit to Borneo I have deliberately kept my name and photos of me out of this Blog. The primary reason being, I want people to focus on orangutans, their habitat, the Centre for Orangutan Conservation, and not me.

However, I am constantly being asked, especially by family and business friends, 'what do you do in Borneo'? So, by showing photos this time I hope it will help people understand what I do and why.

Everything I do is voluntarily, in my spare time and with my own savings. I do not ask for or accept donations from any organisation. I've lost count of how many times I have been to Indonesia, but it's probably around 12-15.

There are many excellent Indonesian's who do care about what is happening to their environment. I simply do what I can to help them save rainforests and specifically orangutans. The Centre for Orangutan Protection has my full support - you won't find a better, more committed, passionate group of people saving orangutans 24/7.

Although I have yet to make the details public, many people who know me, also know I am very critical of some organisations I see either saying or implying they are helping save orangutans, when I know different. The orangutan population decline is also a consequence of very ineffective use of public money by a number of very large international organisations....and it continues to this very day. I intend to name and shame them, but will choose my time and place - they know they are on my radar screen.

Thanks as always for your concern and if you want to do more for orangutans than just read my Blog, please will you donate to the Centre for Orangutan Protection? Please will you help them? If you have any questions you can always email me at

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Thank you once again.