Tuesday, 20 October 2009


This YouTube film (SEE BELOW) was brought to my attention recently.

We have no way of knowing if this was once a wild orangutan. But, we do know Thailand has illegally imported many wild orangutans in the past. In fact, there are still 11 wild-caught orangutans languishing in cages in Thailand since they were first discovered and confiscated back in February. The chances are they will end up

looking like and being treated in a similar way to the one in the film, because no orangutan NGO group I have approached so far will lift a finger to help them now.

Sad, though all this is, more shocking still is that I have been unable to persuade any orangutan

or animal welfare group to provide even modest funding to an investigator (not me) to address issues like the orangutan in this film. As far as I know, and off course I could be wrong because I would never suggest I know what everyone is doing, it is just me personally and one other person using private savings to try and do something to help captive orangutans. Just how sad is this?

If you support any form of conservation or animal welfare group, why not send this to them and ask 'what are they doing to help orangutans like the one in the film below'?

Check out this film below. What you see is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to captive orangutans. Does anyone out there care enough to want to help them? sw@naturealert.org


Thailand Nong Nooch flower garden, obese orangutan sitting with tourists getting photos taken then later abused by a Thai zookeeper.