Thursday, 17 December 2009


The brand new movie and so much waited "The REDD APE", "Orangutan, A Climate Chance", is now.

Companies such as SPICERS (see recent blog posts) contribute to this decimation - and if you buy any paper for home or office use without knowing for CERTAIN where the pulp for the paper originated from, you may also be part of the problem.


You can take a look on You Tube.

The documentary will be showed for the first time ever on Monday 14 around 3PM in Copenhagen during Film festival at Danish Film Institute - Det Danske Filminstitut, as part of the REDD day of the film festival during the COP-15.

Summary of the Film. The REDD Ape (Orangutan, a climate chance)

Orang-utans and local communities have saved peat land and rainforest for millennia. Now short term economic greed is destroying it in decades, releasing huge carbon stores and threatening humanity itself. Caught into the middle of the public discourse « on what to do? » to save the climate, with no concrete actions, orang-utans populations are quickly vanishing, a genocide. What might think the orangutans, probably the most intelligent non-human ape of its human cousin? The documentary provides a clear orangutan’s answer.