Thursday, 24 December 2009

When seeing is not believing

Orangutans, amongst many other species, are being killed in their thousands.

Do you ever wonder why big
charities / non-profits rarely if ever lift a
finger to help them? I do.

Take this one example. The Humane Society
of the United States. It has an annual income
around $91,000,000.

There are many more examples. Many such
'charities' have become little more than
banks selling YOU their dreams....which
have little or nothing to do with reality.
You invest your money in their promises and that's
the last you see of it.

RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, an American non-profit (though
arguably it is profit making) takes 'donations' from
commercial companies whose product(s) they then endorse
as 'sustainable' and these companies go on to makes piles of
money from this endorsement. Kind of neat
arrangement don't you think.

RAINFOREST ALLIANCE won't even explain how much in excess of $100,000
they accepted from Mars Chocolate Ltd. before endorising GALAXY as
'sustainable' - which it clearly is not. A so-called not for profit
organisation refusing to expalin how much money it accepts from a
hugely profit making company, one they just happen to be close to. Hmmnn.

And so it goes on. You might want to be careful who you give your
hard earnt money to.