Monday, 15 February 2010


Dear friends,

Swedish furniture company IKEA sells not just furniture but also candles and tealights. There is, however, a reason for the low price: In order to keep candles and tealights cheap, the company increasingly relies on palm oil. Every year, IKEA uses 32,000 tonnes of palm oil for candle production alone!

IKEA knows that palm oil production is unsustainable. The company has confirmed in a reply to Rainforest Rescue that they cannot guarantee the sustainable production of the palm oil which they use. Nonetheless, the company continues to rely on palm oil.

Please support our protest and call on IKEA to stop the use of palm oil for candles and tealights in future and instead to use only domestic materials:

Viast this web site and follow the link to this article on the right of the page.

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Guadalupe Rodríguez

Rainforest Rescue

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