Monday, 15 February 2010

Letters: The President’s songs

Letters: The President’s songs

Mon, 02/15/2010 | Reader's Forum The Jakarta Post

I refer to an article “All the President’s songs” (The Jakarta Post, Jan. 27). I wonder how many copies have been sold. Anybody can write a song and compose its melody, but not everyone can compose one that has artistic value.

“Although I was in Lima, Peru — a place that’s very far away from my homeland, I didn’t stop delving my soul into the beauty and the calmness of our own nature,” said Yudhoyono of the song Jiwaku Terang di Malam itu (My Soul was Enlightened That Night), which was sung by new pop sensation Vidi Aldiano.

I doubt that he has such a great concern for our nature. If he really cares about nature, then why does he let mining companies, oil companies, palm oil companies, pulp and paper companies destroy the natural beauty of our country?

Why doesn’t he guard and protect this land of Indonesia? Why does he let this country be robbed by criminals from inside and outside the country?

While those three songs revolve around his private life, the songs Untukmu Anak Manis (For You, Sweet Children) and Jiwaku Terang di Malam itu (My Soul was Enlightened That Night) reflect his concern for children in disaster areas and his adoration of the beauty of Indonesia.

His concern for children is like an amoeba: it’s so tiny. There are a lot of children out there who need not just the President’s concern, but also the President’s action, to help them in getting good nutrition, health facilities, and better education.

That is the most important thing. What’s the point of spending money on luxurious cars for all the people who call themselves “servants of the nation”, an airplane for the President and hi-tech laptops for members of the House of Representatives?

Instead of spending money on improving healthcare and the education of children in this country, he spends money on all those silly things. Is this what he calls “concern”? Indonesian children are the next generation of this nation. He must put them as the first priority.