Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Groups Say APP's Green Claims `Misleading'

Groups Say APP's Green Claims `Misleading'

Source: The Jakarta Post – March 12, 2010

JAKARTA - A group of Indonesian environmental NGOs published a letter, calling on investors and buyers to reject Asia Pulp and Paper's (APP) "misinformation" on its environmental policies, following the company's claim at the 12th Annual RISI Pulp and Paper Conference in Amsterdam on Thursday that it had environmentally friendly operations and had several community programs.

"For example, APP continues to clear large areas of natural forests in Kerumutan's deep peat and Bukit Tigapuluh in Sumatra, despite protests from local communities and NGOs," the NGOs said. "We're trying to set the record straight for APP's customers and investors who may have been taken in by APP's misleading advertisements and glossy brochures," said Teguh Surya, the campaign director for the Indonesia Environment Forum (Walhi).

The NGO group includes WWF Indonesia, Walhi, the Community Alliance for Pulp and Paper Advocacy (CAPPA), and Riau's environmental group Jikalahari. APP has been operating in Riau in Sumatra since 1984. - JP