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IL Ketapang Not Stop

Rabu, 03 Maret 2010,

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IL Ketapang Not Stop

SUKADANA. The practice of illegal logging or illegal logging (IL) in the jurisdiction of Police Ketapang never subsided and stopped. Police make arrests vigorous, though often not known to the owner of the wood to a suspect.

"The arrests were proof of illegal logging is still frequent. Not even the possibility of logging going on around the area of National Park Mountain Trench (TNGP) which is a conservation area, "said Rudy Handoko, Young People Sub Trunk Bay to the Equator, Tuesday (2 / 3).

Former Chairman of HMI Pontianak Branch describes very unfortunate that a few catches, not clear who detained the owner or a responsible party. As a result, the wood is limited to be issued findings further processed live auction.

Last catch was approximately 250 stems of logs IL results secured in the Gulf of Melano, Simpang Hilir district. Then there is also assembled at the Sawmill wood not far from Port Trunk Bay is recognized by the legal owner comes from Central Kalimantan.

Reflecting the reorganization in 2008 and by the National Police Headquarter, IL overwhelmed practice mode of cooperation between actors with the authorities. "Do not let that happen again this time so there was no element of collusion between employers and law enforcement authorities. Because such cases are not a secret anymore, "said Rudy reminded.

Explained, the rate of deforestation has been in the emergency phase.
In fact it is not impossible Indonesian tropical forests are regarded as one of the lungs of the world will disappear. Wet forest in Sumatra, Kalimantan and West Papua would become extinct following the illegal logging that has occurred can not be stopped, and even tended to increase in intensity.

It should, he said, in this case law enforcement should be carried out strictly, so that law enforcement occurred in the environment and deterrent effect. If not, then instead of decreasing IL instead will continue to increase.

"This should also diseriusi integrated with the application of the justice system and law enforcement arrangements that are able to eliminate the weaknesses of coordination, commonness of law, and hyper corruption in the justice system related to cases of law violations in the field of environment, creating and upholding the rule of law ( law enforcement and Supremacy) in handling criminal cases, including environmental destruction, if that involves elements apparatus itself, "he said.

Sambas police chief confirmed AKBP Wijaya Badya about catching the suspect timber without explaining the facts on the ground are like that. "The wood is left behind and unknown owners. While findings wooden raft near Trunk Bay Harbor until now there's proof goods.
"Still in the process. The owner showed the document timber, "said Badya. (Lud)