Tuesday, 11 September 2007

China issues rules for logging companies overseas

Personal Comment: Talk to any knowledgable NGO in SE Asia and they will tell you that Chinese businessmen are never to be trusted. Look at most reports concerning logging and the trade in wildlife and you will more often than not see China mentioned as the end consumer.

China issues rules for logging companies overseas

Source: Reuters, August 29, 2007

China has issued guidelines for enterprises engaging in logging overseas,
state media reported on Wednesday, following accusations that it is
plundering the world's forests to meet booming demand for wood.
The guidelines, issued jointly by the State Forestry Administration and the
Ministry of Commerce, aim to encourage forestry cultivation that highlights
sustainability and bio-diversity.

"The purpose of the move is to guide relevant enterprises to help the
countries or regions that are faced with difficulties in forest restoration
and to help improve the livelihood of local residents," Xinhua news agency
quoted Jia Zhibang, head of the Forestry Administration, as saying.

Environment groups say China is at the heart of a global trade for lumber
that it sells to markets in the United States and Europe, and that much of
its plywood exports come from illegal logging.

China accounted for more than half the log exports from Papua New Guinea,
Myanmar and Indonesia, British-based organisation Global Witness has said.

The new guidelines are meant as a basis for evaluating and supervising
logging companies, Jia said, adding that China wants to make its
enterprises more aware of environmental protection as they increasingly
strike out abroad.