Sunday, 30 September 2007


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I am wondering if you might be able to help a unique, remarkable person in Jakarta, who has dedicated decades of her life to saving orangutans?

Please take a few moments to look at what is urgently needed.

Her name is Ulrike (Ulla) Freifrau von Mengden. Her home and garden are in the grounds of Jakarta zoo.

I first visited Ulla about 15 years ago. It was following this visit that I got 'hooked' on orangutans and whatever I have done since can be directly attributed to this lady and her enthusiasm/passion, which rubbed off on me. I think I have returned to visit Ulla about six times.

Ulla has now reached an age where it is physically difficult for her to cope anymore. And financially she is broke. There is a truly desperate need for us to help Ulla's 26 orangutans

The sums of money needed to take care of these magnificent orangutans are relatively modest, but when you have nothing - it's a fortune. Up to now Ulla has largely used her savings and pension to pay all the costs, but now the money has run out. I will attach some photos I took about 18 months ago. The red ‘kongs’ you see the orangutans playing with are some I took over with me - they serve as wonderful enrichment toys for them to play with.

If you are able to donate some money as emergency relief, it would go a long way towards helping 26 orangutans in desperate need of more food, vet care, etc. Ulla’s bank account details are as follows, but please do bear in mind this is only really cost effective to you for donations of £50 (US$100) or more – I’m sorry about this, but Nature Alert currently has no facilities to administer donations. The good news is, 100% of your donation will reach Ulla and help orangutans in need of more food and veterinary care.

Please contact me for details.

To make a transfer will probably require a visit to your bank.
Please could you let me know if you are able to donate – I will then let Ulla know whom the money has come from.

With many thanks.
Sean Whyte
P.S. A longer-term solution to the problem is being urgently pursued.

All these orangutans have been rescued by Ulla.