Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Illegal Logging In Indonesia Inspires Script For 'Blind Eye'

Illegal Logging In Indonesia Inspires Script For 'Blind Eye'

Source: 4RFV – September 3, 2007

Illegal logging and the corruption in the international timber trade has provided the inspiration for what promises to be an emotive Welsh-developed film. A tale of wide-spread corruption, fear and love, 'Blind Eye' tells the adventure of a Freelance Forestry Consultant who finds his principles challenged when working for the UK Government in Indonesia.

Written by Penarth-based Anna Holmes and backed by the Film Agency for Wales, the film is currently in development and follows in a similar vein to the 2006 box office hit 'Blood Diamond' and the 2005 Oscar winning 'The Constant Gardener' starring Ralph Fiennes. Strong interest in 'Blind Eye' is expected from producers later this year.

Having begun her career in Broadcast Journalism, Holmes has been involved with arts production and management for more than 20 years. Holmes' latest project is a subject close to her heart, along with her partner, they run Ecotimber, the supplier of the ceiling timber used in the building of Y Senydd Buildings, the home of the Welsh Assembly Government in Cardiff.

Holmes said: "Illegal logging and the corruption in the international timber trade lends itself so well to a strong plot that is both moving and thought-provoking. This is not an art-house movie, my hope is that the script is commercial enough to have an appeal to a general audience. The Film Agency has offered great support-both practical and financial-which I am grateful for."

Chief Executive of the Film Agency for Wales, Pauline Burt, said: "It's clear from this body of work that she has real talent and, in supporting this current project, we're looking forward to providing some profile to a substantive subject, that is toldin an emotionally engaging manner. Film's such as 'The Constant Gardener' bear testimony to the fact that screenplays can and do take on big subjects in an effective and indeed entertaining way, whilst not shying away from their social and political messages.

"Once again, we're delighted to have an opportunity to support a Welsh writer who's developed a strong, tenable feature idea that has international appeal, which is our primary motivation for financially supporting a project, whatever its genre, budget or setting."

The Film Agency for Wales is funded by the Arts Council of Wales, the UK Film Council and the Welsh Assembly Government, via Creative Business Wales, the latter of which wass set up to support, encourage and increase the range and number of films being produced in Wales and to foster the abundance of creative talent in Wales.