Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Centre for Orangutan Protection steps in to help orangutans that others neglect.

Regular visistors to this blog will know that we first discovered this orangutan at the Pontianak zoo, West Kalimantan (Indonesia Borneo).

Uni is an approximately four year old wild-caught orangutan who has spent most of her life in this cage of about two x one x one metre high cage, surrounded by rubbish and with no cover from either the blistering sun or torrential rains.

The Centre for Orangutan Protection has provided some rubber tyres for Uni to sit on and play with, and since these photos were taken a roof has been fixed to the cage.

As we can see Uni is desperate for company as
well as a drink. Here we can see Yenny, COPs vet, providing both. COP is also paying a local person (the zoo is a very long way, two flights, from Yenny's home) to visit Uni on a regular basis to feed and check up on her.