Thursday, 3 April 2008

Hands on conservation

Yenny, the vet from the Centre for Orangutan Protection, conducts blood tests on one of the two orangutans held at a rescue centre on the island of Sulawesi, west of Borneo. Both orangutans had been confiscated by the authorities.

This rescue centre is so short of money that animals
and birds there die every week; 35 the week before
this visit and on a visit I made there in February I saw corpses stored in a freezer.
It is alleged that the local government authorities have stolen some $40,000 allocated to the centre by central government.

The British charity Orangutan Appeal UK have kindly provided funds for these blood tests and enough food to keep the orangutans alive.

They results of the blood tests thankfully show the orangutans to be free of Hepatitis A,B, C and Tuberculosis.