Saturday, 28 March 2009

Imams call for green awareness

Imams call for green awareness

By Azlan Othman, Borneo Bulletin
Shrinking pristine forests, which bring catastrophe to mankind, came under the spotlight by imams yesterday.

In a Friday sermon, imams said Islam stresses the importance of preserving the environment, which has come under assault.

Humans should not destroy pristine forests and create pollution, they said, adding that Allah dislikes those who bring about destruction to Earth.

Destruction to the environment is now becoming more rampant, perpetrated by irresponsible communities.

Of late, deforestation has resulted in global warming, rise in water level, extinction of species, destruction of natural habitats, and creation of unexpected weather patterns.

Natural disasters threaten mankind, and Brunei is no exception.

With the destruction of forests, continuous heavy downpours cause landslides and flash floods, which lead to big losses, including lives and properties.

"We must be grateful in that such disaster is not as bad in the Sultanate as in other countries," the imams said.

Scientists have said the drastic loss in the forest, resulting in the imbalance in ecology and the environment, consequently causes natural disasters.

The unsystematic management of forest and the exploitation of greenery for one's greed while ignoring their side effects were also touched on during the sermon.

The imams said, "The forest is diminishing at a rapid pace. We must be aware that humans cause such destruction and calamity."

Meanwhile, acknowledging the importance of forest resources to the country's socio-economy, His Majesty's Government, through the Forestry Department, has instituted a policy to preserve the lush rainforest, which should continue to be enjoyed by the future generations.

As part of the govenrment's continuous commitment to enhance public awareness, Brunei Darussalam joined other world communities in observing the World Forestry Day, themed "Forest Prevents Climate Change", on March 21.

The theme underscored the need to preserve and restore the forest as the best option against climate change and global warming.

The imams, therefore, called on the people to become more aware of the efforts made in upholding the country's precious resources.

Firm support, they said, is paramount to ensuring the country's green jewel continues to guarantee the welfare of the people.

The imams concluded by calling on the people to pray to Allah for the country to enjoy peace and prosperity while being continuously protected from natural calamities.