Saturday, 7 March 2009

Where do your donations go?

Russell Mittermeier President (The person identified as holding the highest position of management, and therefore who would normally be responsible for carrying out the mission of the charity and leading the organization on a day-to-day basis.) of Conservation International (CI) got paid $340,000 in 2006 - the most recent annual figures available.

There are plenty of high, some might say obscene, salaries paid by NGO groups. Often one cannot find in the financial accounts additional details of benefits paid and pension arrangements.

Other key facts about this charity can be found at

You might then ask yourself, what good is this organisation doing and where does all the money go?

For some of the answers I recommend you read "Green Inc". (see blog posting lower down).

Gordon Moore (USA)
Times Online - UK
... $261m to Conservation International to prevent species extinction and to expand protection of bio-diversity hotspots, such as the African rainforests. ...
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