Monday, 11 May 2009

European Union Waits for Indonesia's Approval over Illegal Logging

Monday, 11 May, 2009

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The European Union is waiting for the Indonesian government to approve the agreement for not exporting illegal logs to the 27 countries in the European union.

The agreement, better known as Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA), arranges technical matters on how to make sure the logs are legal.

One of its procedures is to obligate exporters to label the logs and have certificates.

The European Union (EU) requires this agreement with all log exporting countries offering logs to EU countries.

This is part of EU's support to stop illegal logging, to stop global warming, and to protect tropical forests.

Executive Director of the Indonesian Forest Entrepreneurs Association, Nanang Rofandi, said that Indonesia is in the final stages of approving the agreement.

He explained that EU and Indonesia have decided the system and institutions arranging the legal certificates for Indonesian logs.,20090511-175533,uk.html