Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ministry Dragging Feet on Orangutans

May 19, 2009


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Your Letters: May 20

Ministry Dragging Feet on Orangutans

Tony Suhartono, the Forestry Ministry’s director of biodiversity conservation, has been offered dozens, maybe hundreds of times, all the money and expertise available to rescue orangutans.

N o one has ever suggested the orangutans should be rescued and immediately released, as he said in your paper on May 16 (“Forestry Ministry Called On to Help Rescue Orangutans”). He knows this.

What we all need is for Tony to stop making excuses and dragging his feet on this issue and instead show us some leadership by issuing instructions to have these orangutans rescued and transferred to the Nyaru Menteng rescue/rehab center, now.

A week ago, Tony told the Jakarta Globe he wanted to know about illegally held captive orangutans. Well, now that he does, why won’t he authorize the rescue of these eight orangutans without further delay? If he was to try working with the Center for Orangutan Protection instead of resisting their help and making excuses, more orangutans would be rescued with no negative impact on your Ministry. What we are all wondering is: Does Tony Suhartono really want to see orangutans rescued?

Sean Whyte , Nature Alert

An Environmental Disaster in Palm Oil

I would like to express my sadness to see and hear of the recent destruction of what was once pristine rainforest in the area of Sangetta and Bontang to make way for more palm oil plantations.

This is in total violation of lndonesia’s promise to stop this environmental disaster, yet all reasoning seems to fall on deaf ears when one tries to make the world aware of what is happening in Indonesia and Malaysia. We, as guardians of this planet, have to stop the palm oil companies with their corrupt dealings with sectors of these governments. Please wake up to what is happening before another day is over.

Janelle Tuero, Australia