Friday, 1 May 2009

Indonesian Embassy, like the government, is in denial

Were you one of the truly caring people who sent the email photos to Tony Soehartono and the Indonesian Embassy UK? If so, thanks once again. If not, hmmnn.

If you have received a reply from the Embassy in London, this is my rebuttal of the 'nonsense' written.

The good news is, we can be certain these issues are now receiving more attention that they otherwise would have. And this would not be the case without your help.

My reply was as follows. The basic software of this blog may cause some of the copy to be distorted, for which I can only apologise.

From: []
Sent: 30 April 2009 17:36
To: ''
Cc: Tonny Soehartono; '
Subject: RE: orangutans protection

Dear Herry

I was interested to receive a copy of this communication to a supporter.

May I take this opportunity to clarify:

- contrary to what you have said to this supporter I did contact you again with this

report below.

No reply was received. My email to you is below and it could hardly been any clearer

in its content.I trust you will now amend/correct your reply sent to people today.

(The following email was my post-visit note to the Embassy. I could hardly have spelt things out any clearer)

From: []
Sent: 24 January 2009 05:11
To: 'consular2'
Subject: RE: Meeting with Indonesian President

Dear Herry and Novan

I have just returned from Borneo.

What I saw, again, is nothing less than an international scandal and

I am convinced the government have their own secret plan to

a) log all forests.

b) kill all orangutans.

I base my comments on many interviews for my book.

It is a very sad day for Indonesia, its people and the environment.

Only more international condemnation will follow.

Sorry to be saying this, but as you will know from when we

met 'I tell it like it is' and my guess is you will both

know I am right.

Kind regards.



(follow on of my rebuttal to the Embassy letter)

- Hundreds of people have this week told Mr Soehartono basically what he already knew but has consistantly declined to take action on - there are a great many orangutans held illegally in private hands.

- We both know your government chooses to 'talk' to some NGO groups because they tell you what you want to hear. It is a fact that any international NGO group that is active in Indonesia will NOT speak out against your government's attitude towards orangutans and deforestation because they believe,with considerable certainty, they will be thrown out of your country. That's why they don't tell you the truth - and I do. I have no base/office in Indonesia.

Two years ago Tony Soehartono, no less, banned TRAFFIC from working in Indonesia because he took offence at a critical report TRAFFIC had produced about the declining tiger population. This suggests the concern of other groups is well founded does it not? TRAFFIC is a very highly respected organisation.

- Since I returned from Indonesia in January I have written to you twice, seeking details of your government's financial commitment to orangutan conservation over the past five years. No reply has been received. I can find no record of any such monetary commitment. It would seem Indonesia prefers to let other countries pay for orangutan conservation.

- Whilst writing may I ask you once again, how much money has Indonesia physically given and to whom for orangutan conservation for the years 2004-8 inclusive.

- Over 3000 a year (your government figures) have been killed for each of the last 25 years. Please can you tell us how many people have been prosecuted?

- Please can you explain why Indonesia totally ignores the Kinshasha Declaration which protects forests inhabited by orangutans?

- When will Mr Soehartono be asking for location details of the orangutans in our photos? We can provide evidence of many more. These orangutans are not only suffering, they are being illegally heldand if they should die or disappear whilst awaiting rescue we will hold your government further responsible.In the meantime we will be watching and waiting, prepared if necessary to increase our activities. You will, I'm sure, recall from our meeting, my very extensive attempts to support and work

with your government. The actions you now see are a direct consequence of your government's failure to show the remotest interest in such help.

Why not show the world you do care by rescuing these orangutans and begin prosecuting people? There is not a single practical reason why the orangutans in question cannot be rescued and taken to an orangutan rehabilitation centre in the next few days. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens. In the meantime if any of these animals should happen to die or disappear it will be a disaster for both them and Indonesia.

People throughout the world are concerned about the orangutans as it is largely these same people who are giving their hard earnt money to help save the orangutans your government seems intent on killing.

I look forward to hearing from you on the matters I raise in this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Whyte