Thursday, 8 October 2009

EU taxpayers money wasted - shamefully so

The EU and Redd threatening forests (see article below). Anyone surprised at this news? If these meetings are anything like some I attended many years ago on other environmental issues, the deal will have been done by bureaucrats before the meetings are even held. Then, they spend their time at the meetings 'selling' and putting a spin what has already been agreed behind closed doors.

If anyone wants to write and express their views to the EU's Ambassador based in Indonesia his name is Julian Wilson If you do, maybe you could remind him he owes me a letter about the activities he alleges FLEGT is very active with in West Kalimantan.

In all my visits to and covering a lot of West Kalimantan, and since, I never once heard FLEGT mentioned. FLEGT costs EU taxpayers €2,500,000 annually 2006 - 2011, but what does it do? What do we have to show for all this (public) money? This post is being copied to Mr Wilson and he wishes to respond I will circulate his reply.