Monday, 12 October 2009

What's going on?

Why would any zoo send Kangaroos to Indonesia? Previous ones have apparently died. What do the people of Indonesia need to know and learn from looking at wildlife endemic to another country? Would the Australian Zoo had not been better advised to help other zoos in Indonesia improve the often horrific conditions Indonesian animals are kept.

I wonder. Could the Australian Zoo have its eyes on taking orangutans from Indonesia in exchange? Hmmnn.


ARTICLE: Australian Kangaroos Moved To Indonesia

Source: Time Soft Internet – October 11, 2009

Six female eastern grey kangaroos from Australia have arrived at their new home at a safari park in West Java province, Indonesia, a park official says.

Indonesian Safari Park Director Tony Sumampau said the kangaroos, along with three Australian Zoo staff members, arrived in Jakarta Saturday as part of a sister park cooperation agreement, the Indonesian news agency ANTARA reported Sunday.

Sumampau said the kangaroos would not be made immediately available for viewing by the public as the animals need to adapt to their new surroundings for a week in quarantine.

Indonesia will receive a total of 15 kangaroos from the Australian Zoo under the international agreement, which came about several years ago when the zoo was headed up by Steve Irwin, a wildlife adventurer who gained widespread TV fame before dying in 2006 after being stung by a stingray. Details regarding the remaining nine kangaroos were not reported.