Thursday, 21 January 2010

Paper killing orangutans, destroying forests and millions of other animals.



As you can see below this post, SPICERS Limited - a UK paper company imports paper from Indonesia in the full knowledge it has caused the destruction of rainforests and the deaths of orangutans - amongst millions of other animals. They seem not to care.

SPICERS won't say which brands of their paper originates in Indonesia.

When you buy paper for your home and office the only way you can be sure you are not increasing SPICERS profits at the cost to orangutans is to insist on proof from your supplier or retailer the paper you want to buy does NOT come from Spicers. It will be important to see proof as Spicers use wholesalers to distribute their paper tainted with the blood of orangutans.

If you would like to express your views on SPICERS contribution to rainforest destruction, please write to Jane Rowe, Marketing Director

Ask Spicers why it is they won't say which of their products originate from AP&P? Why the secrecy?

Check out Spicers policies which could be called 'imaginative'.