Friday, 15 January 2010

Response from Nestle to a supporter


Thank you very much for your call to our careline.

Nestlé shares the concern about the serious environmental threat to rainforests and peat fields in South East Asia caused by the planting of palm oil plantations. Palm oil is not a major raw material for us and, as we use only processed palm oil, we have no direct link to the plantations. The company does, however, recognise the need for an effective multi-stakeholder solution to this complex problem and is prepared to play a full part.

According to the Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability, the company commits itself to giving preference to suppliers who continuously strive towards improving the efficiency and sustainability of their operations and use of resources. As part of this policy, Nestlé has undertaken a detailed review of its supply chain to establish the source of its palm oil supplies and has committed to using only "Certified Sustainable Palm Oil" by 2015, when sufficient quantities should be available.

Nestlé has been closely associated with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) through the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform since its inception and the company has now applied for full corporate membership.
Nestlé has repeatedly spoken out against the production of such fuels from materials used for food.

Thank you again for taking the trouble to contact us. We are grateful for the interest you have shown in our company.

Yours sincerely

Contact Centre Team Co-ordinator
Consumer Services