Monday, 1 February 2010

House urges govt to delay purchasing presidential plane

PERSONAL NOTE: The President of Indonesia is going to use government money to buy himself a personal jet, whilst the EC, UK government, US, Australian etc governments sends Indonesia tens of millions of dollars/pounds/Euros of their taxpayers money to save forests etc. This is a stark reminder of just how stupid and reckless all these governments are with OUR money.

House urges govt to delay purchasing presidential plane

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Mon, 02/01/2010

The House of Representatives Commission IX has urged the government to delay buying a presidential airplane, saying that it should pay more attention to the people.

"Currently, the people's mood is not good. They can only sit and watch the government spending money," Melchieas Marcus Mekeng, the deputy chairman of House Commission IX, said as quoted by

Melchias said he appreciated the plan to buy the plane, as it would save on the state budget compared to the rental of an aircraft, currently being negotiated, but did not elaborate.

However, the government should be able to provide the basic needs of the people, such as affordable schools and sufficient basic commodities before purchasing the plane, he added.