Saturday, 13 March 2010


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Thank you for your email.

We at Clean Conscience are well aware of the devastation and suffering caused by humans in their need and greed for palm oil and let me say it sickens us to our stomachs.

When i first started this business up all of our products contained palm oil, as i got more into product ingredient research I became aware of the nasty palm oil issue.

It broke my heart to realise that I and my business was contributing to this problem. Like many companies I looked at the easy way out by researching "sustainable palm oil" as an alternative but

as you have mentioned below i do not believe there is such a thing and I believe the RSPO is just a big smoke screen for large companies to get away with doing the wrong thing.

Two years ago we set about eradicating palm oil from our products. The laundry powder has been the hardest to change but we now have

a palm oil free laundry powder product ready to hit the shelves next month, we will try and phase out the old one. Once that is achieved our whole range will be palm oil free.

As you can imagine this has not been an easy task but we are very proud of our achievement and can now say we really do have a "CLEAN CONSCIENCE"

We are only a small business but will continue to educate our customers and who ever will listen about the palm oil issue. Our focus here is on animal welfare and once our business is on its feet

we plan to give as much as we can to help make changes and care for vulnerable species destroyed by man for greed.

I wish you well on you trip, I am sure it will be interesting but heartbreaking. I would be interested to hear how you go once you get back.

Thanks again for your feedback and yes we would appreciate your promotion of our business.

KIndest Regards

Tracey Duggan

Clean Conscience

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