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Main Threats Illegal Logging TNBK

Friday, February 26, 2010, 14:21:00

Main Threats Illegal Logging TNBK

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PUTUSSIBAU-Sempadanperbatasan Indonesia and Malaysia in Kapuas Hulu District along 474 kilometers. Half are more direct touch with the National Park area Betung Kerihun (TNBK) in the territory of Indonesia. Not surprisingly, a serious threat to forests in this region is illegal TNBK Central logging.Kepala Betung Kerihun National Park (TNBK), Ir, Ahmad Lutfi, confirming the existence of the threat.

The threat of logging is illegal not only come from within, but also from outside. "The biggest threat is from outside sources, namely from our neighboring countries. While from within not too great, "Lutfi said.

Lutfi added, throughout the year between 2003 and 2004, it had found a way TNBK region. On the street estimate is access by illegal loggers.

Even a few years ago, from the operating results it found a number of timber felled in the area of the largest national park in the Kapuas Hulu. The road has not looked back. Was closed scrub. This indicates there is no activity anymore. But the threat could come back. While the threat that comes from within, Lutfi said that not too significant. There are people who cut down one or two trees for the purpose of society itself.

Not for commercial gain. It had made a deal with the public. Can cut down a tree but should be replaced with 10 saplings. This as one of the commitments in the area of forest in a sustainable national park.

There Itupun zonanya. "Especially in the buffer zone. Whereas in the core zone, not at all, "explained Lutfi.Disinggung supervision throughout the region TNBK, Lutfi said it still did. Only area and a long stretch it a little difficult. One of the surveillance is conducted using the technology. It every year to monitor the satellite imagery purchased from other parties. Map of the satellite images were then analyzed. Is there a change from year to year to the national park area.