Sunday, 14 March 2010

Permitted Impressed Illegal Logging in Bonai Darussalam, Rohul

Monday, March 8, 2010 12:09

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Permitted Impressed Illegal Logging in Bonai Darussalam, Rohul

Illegal logging is not always done sebunyi underground, as happened Sub Bonai Darussalam, Rohul. There may be involvement of the authorities.

Riauterkini-BONAIDARUSSLAM-In addition to timber trucks carrying the wild wood in Rokan Hulu (Rohul), but illegal activities in kawawan Jurong longging District bordering Bonaidarussalam Mandau Bengkalis District, was lawful until now. Even illegal longging openly continues to involve local communities and the outside community, even the results are also freely transported tronton public street.

From direct observation in the region Riauterkini illegal actions longging, Saturday (7/3/10), estimated hundreds of hectares of peat forests that stretched on either side of the road across the bare Jurong. Activity seen a group of people out wood logs tied together in a row, then swept away the small disungai (ditch).

One of the people around who would not say his name, which was passed to Riauterkini say, that in the region itself is like a forest, so free felling trees. Longging illegal actions Pemadangan thinks, happens every day. Moreover, free tronton trucks carrying wood logs are cut wide body transport tronton with towering without reprisals.

"The impact of illegal street longging that yes Bonaidarussalam - Duri, all destroyed by the truck load exceeds tronton free pass without any action from the authorities," said the citizen to Riauterkini.

Tronton trucks, diesel Colts free all timber transport, but no police action at the Jurong Police Post Sector Kunto Darussalam. In fact, every day spent wood enough, so the worry out Bonaidarussalam forest and large floods are also threatening, because there is no longer catchment.

Wood processing and log into broti board (block), also carried out openly by the owner of the sawmill there, and free issued by using the truck including car Pick-Up, even every day for free.

With practice, the condition of roads in the area were badly damaged condition there. Especially if it rained, so the road will be more severe and difficult to pass by the four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheeler. And damage to roads leading to kekawasan Mandau.

Meanwhile, the condition of roads built through Multiyears APBD Riau in the region, also was badly damaged so that the vehicle traffic in the area communities also become obstacles. Residents hope that the Forest Service and the police immediately Rohul illegal actions against the perpetrators who had longging very troubling. So that prevention can be done immediately, because it frequently flooded areas until they reach the adult's chest when the rainy season.

"If the authorities keep silent, longging this illegal practice will not end forever, and the impact that we are the ones to bear it all.
Because of flooding in our area when the rainy season. And it is also our area one day when the flood came tengelam like other provinces in Indonesia," asked residents to Riauterkini with full hope .***( zal)