Saturday, 22 May 2010

Orangutans on death row

Believe it or not 11 orangutans have lived in these cages for up to two years.
This is at the Sinka Zoo in NW Kalimantan, close to the border with Sarawak.
The worst sight I have ever seen, and in my time I've seen some horrific things done to animals. When I was there in February we did all we could at the time, providing fresh fruit and water. Since when, I have done all in my power to get help for these orangutans, but failed
so far. And last week I heard three of these poor orangutans have since died. I don't think anything has ever upset me so much.
The zoo has no vet and no curator, just a regular guy doing what he can and what he thinks is necessary for the animals.
There are many worse, close up photos, which I don't think I should show you.