Monday, 24 May 2010

ORANGUTANS: The shows and the exploitation have been stopped.

As I recently mentioned, thanks to our letter writing campaign the use of orangutans in circus-like shows at Malaysian zoos, has been banned. The government also banned the use of bears in such shows and the use of tigers as photo-props for people to sit beside and have their photos taken. All of which is excellent news for the animals.

Subsequently, I wrote to the same Ministry explaining the cruelty involved with the use of orangutans as photo-props at the Melaka Zoo in Malaysia. There is also in such situations the high risk of mutual disease transmission.

Although the Ministry has yet to respond formally to my letter, our investigator returned to the Melaka Zoo last weekend and noted there were no orangutan
shows and no use of orangutans as photo-props.

Nature Alert supporters are to be congratulated for helping put a stop to all this cruelty.....something no mainstream orangutan charity was prepared to help with.