Monday, 24 May 2010

United Biscuits

Reply received by a supporter:

United Biscuits has in the last 4 years reduced the amount of Palm oil that we use by over 40%. We have an ongoing programme to reduce this further but will continue as a user of Palm oil. Where we continue to use Palm oil, we are seeking to do this by segregated sustainable means.

This means that the oil in our products will be traceable back to a sustainable plantation. We started to use sustainable oil last year and with our new partner will convert 75% of all of our Palm oil to sustainable oil during the summer of 2010. We have a stated target to convert the remaining volume by the end of 2011.

Obviously we will not wait for the end of 2011 to convert our remaining supplies. These are specialist materials that we are not able to get at present, however, we are confident that our suppliers will be able to supply most of these ahead of our deadline and hopeful that some will also convert in 2010.

Sue GibsonConsumer Services Co-ordinator