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If by chance you think me an alarmist, just buy this book. Curious? Then you definitely need to read it.
If you really want to learn more about orangutans .......

this is a book I am happy to very highly recommend. Fantastic number of fabulous photos plus chapters covering such sensitive (to them) issues as why so many large conservation as well as government organisations have been so spectacularly ineffective in saving orangutans - not to mention a whole range of other animals.

I urge you to read carefully and then think of the implications of contents of pages 188-194, 196-202 and page 256. I agree with the authors comments.

The Authors
The journalist Gerd Schuster and his team has carried out fieldwork research on the surprising and to an extent shocking reality of the jungle, and pulls no punches in the reports contained in this book.

The Dutch conservationist and author of several specialist publications, Willie Smits, now lives mainly in Southeast Asia. He is the founder of BOS Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.
The photographer Jay Ullal became famous for his photographs of major personalities for Stern magazine. His later specialization in animal photography has produced sensational photos on the living conditions and behavior of the orangutan in photos shot during five trips to Borneo and Sumatra.

The Book
It is no exaggeration to describe the book as a sensation. A swimming orangutan is seen for the very first time in world-exclusive photos, although research still assumes that great apes cannot swim.

Orangutans are shown angling with sticks; this form of tool use was unknown until now. Jay Ullal’s photos are simply the best to be found in this field. Almost ten thousand photos were shot during five trips to Borneo and Sumatra, including 40 world-exclusive gems.
These, and hundreds of other fascinating photos, are contained in this book. The accompanying text does justice to these photos. Scientifically well-founded, it is also vivid. It reveals the world of the orangutan in all its diversity.

But it also tells the story of Willie Smits, who evolved from a protector of orangutans to a protector of the climate. The authors do not shy from addressing the awful situation they find. Many governments and organizations show surprisingly little commitment when it comes to protecting the climate, environment, and endangered species. Even today.

That this must change as a matter of urgency is made strikingly clear by the book’s content.The publisher Herbert Ullmann visited Dr. Willie Smits in Borneo (more) and showed just how impressed he was by his efforts and great success: “There are books that can be published, and books that have to be published. Thinkers of the Jungle belongs unequivocally to the latter category.

Unparalleled illustrations – breathtaking and moving
World-exclusive, previously unpublished photos
On-location research by the team of authors
Factual reports with attested facts

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