Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Helping to rescue and save orangutans - your opportunity to make a difference today.

Dear Friend to the Orangutans,

Over the past two years a great many of you wishing to support the work of the Centre for Orangutan Protection have been unable to donate directly to COP. The good news is - now you can! This is the only way COP has of receiving directly, individual donations - through the services of PayPal.

COP are now able to accept donations via PayPal and a link to their donation page is on the top right-hand corner of this page The currency used is UK£ pounds. If you would like to calculate how much this will be in your local currency this web site is very simple to use.

Not sure how much to donate? The short answer has to be 'whatever will make you feel good'. If it helps; COP urgently needs funds to help feed and provide veterinary care for four orangutans in a rescue centre on the main island of Java. It takes only £20 (about US$35) a week to feed, keep safe and take good care of one orangutan.

Below this message you will see COP team members preparing one of the large cages - sadly, there is little chance we can ever return these orangutans to the wild, so we are committed to helping them lead lives as happy as possible and free at last of any threats or ill treatment. One sick orangutan was rescued a week ago from a Chinese businessman. A special report on this rescue centre and the orangutans to follow in a future email, but if in the meantime you are able to donate any amount of money, please know it will be sincerely appreciated by COP.

After you have donated please could you send an email to Tryas - the COP bookkeeper, alerting him to look out for and also acknowledge receipt of your donation?

Thank you once again for your concern and support

Kind regards.


P.S. Please. If you are able to, will you

donate today whilst it is still fresh in your mind?

Putting the last minute touches to a large new enclosure for orangutans rescued from people who had kept them illegally and in terrible conditions. Photos of these orangutans in their new home will follow soon.