Monday, 27 July 2009

Today's Independent article 'Hope of freedom for orang-utans dashed '

Re: Today's Independent article 'Hope of freedom for orang-utans dashed '

(see article below)

Please don't mis-interpret this article.

BHP is not to be blamed for the orangutans not being released as

planned, or for pulling out of the region, or for the future of these


What is more important is that, although not mentioned in this article,

the majority of the area left behind lies in the Heart of Borneo,

created by WWF to be a conservation area for biodiversity. Perhaps WWF

can help to protect the future of this area, as intended by the Heart of

Borneo project and for which millions of pounds have been raised.

Perhaps with their many representatives in Indonesia they, along with

BHP, can sit down with the government and determine the best plan of

action to save this part of the Heart of Borneo from companies who do

not hold as high a level of stewardship as BHP.

I would like to clarify that BOS does not have 650 orangutans in cages as

quoted in the article. The majority of the orangutans cared for at Nyaru

Menteng are free-ranging and only wild orangutans, very large orangutans

and orangutans in quarantine are confined to cages.

Michelle Desilets, Orangutan Land Trust, and on behalf of

Lone Dröscher Nielsen, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation