Thursday, 11 September 2008

Shame on those who refuse to help these orangutans and others like them in DESPERATE need of rescue.

All over the island of Borneo there are wonderful orangutans chained up in small cages like this one in Pontianak, Western Borneo. All are held illegally, often close to the offices of organisations like WWF and FFI. These same organisations solicit money from people like you to save orangutans, but refuse to help the many unfortunate orangutans in situations like this.

The two orangutans I feature here and below are no more than a few miles from the WWF office. Imagine, how could WWF choose not to help them? And it is a choice they choose to make. WWF raises over £1 million pounds a year for orangutan conservation. Does anyone want to guess at how many orangutans they have saved?

What do you think about this situation?