Thursday, 11 September 2008

Th Great Orangutan Scandal

If you are one of the caring and concerned people who have written at my request to the people I have highlighted on this Blog, thank you once again on behalf of the orangutans - creatures that are unable to help themselves.

As you have probably noticed, the people targeted by your letters have been at best evasive in their answers, or worse they have not even replied.

What does this tell us about those people and the organisations they work for? Do you think they are just plain lazy or couldn't care less? Could they think they are 'untouchable'? Why would some people not reply?

I have to tell you that in my opinion what is happening out in parts of Indonesia regarding orangutan protection/conservation is nothing less than an international scandal.

If, like Nature Alert or the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), you try to question or oppose what is happening, you are treated as nothing more than troublemakers. Being based in Indonesia COP is frequently intimidated by people they know, as well as by 'strangers'.

I'm quite sure many of the people I refer to above read this blog. For them there is this news - neither COP or Nature Alert are going to back down and desert the orangutans as you have; our undercover investigators are probably looking at you or your organisation right now, so be afraid, be very afraid. If you know in your heart you are in any way letting down the orangutans or deceiving the public, the chances are - we know who you are.