Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Orangutans - the brutal reality

I appreciate I am often communicating to the 'converted', but please bear in mind not everyone who reads this blog has identical experience or concerns, and one or two may even be cynical or disbelieving when they read my, what to some, may appear alarming messages.

Many will know of Karl Amman, award winning photographer and filmmaker. I suspect he has personally witnessed more wild animal abuse etc than all of us added together.

Karl has just left an assignment in Borneo. His full report, photos, etc will appear in due course. With his permission I am able to give you this short summary of what he witnessed and documented. If you are familiar with Karl's work in Africa you will be able to judge his comments below in that context. If you do not, then please check his web site below.

"Things are indeed worse than in Africa." Karl Amman, November 2008

If this shocks you, there is more to come. I know there are far worse orangutan abuses Karl was unable to see in the time available.

Orangutans are being let down very, very badly, by a number of organisations who accept donors money to save orangutans - which, clearly, they are not doing. The organisations concerned know who they are. It will be interesting to read Karl's full report when it is published.

It would be impossible to exaggerate the seriousness of the situation for orangutans in Borneo. This begs the question, 'so where are the millions of dollars donated annually to the major international organisations for orangutan conservation being spent and - why have things out there gone from bad to worse, to now - disastrous'?