Monday, 17 November 2008

SMS: Greenpeace blocked Indonesia palm oil shipments

Monday, November 17, 2008

SMS: Greenpeace blocked Indonesia palm oil shipments

Mon, 11/17/2008 Reader's Forum The Jakarta Post

Yes, you should stop forest clearing! IRMA BRAATAmsterdam

Congratulations to Greenpeace for their palm oil action! Clearing rainforests not only affects wildlife and the climate system, but also makes the world less livable for humans. Let's hope that the actions of ordinary people can overcome the vested interests of industries and governments.JONATHAN MOYLANNewcastle, NSW, Australia

I totally support Greenpeace in their effort to block palm oil shipments because palm plantations are a horrible natural catastrophe for our sacred forests and our lovely and holy mother land. Stop forest clearing for oil plantations and for any other purposes. Remember we only have one earth and outside this world there is no salvation. Remember also that the cry of the earth is also the cry of the poor, to quote the theologians Paul Knitter, Edward Schillebeckx and Leonardo Boff.FRANS EFBE Bandung

I dare say, from a European view, it is crazy to sacrifice old growth forests in Indonesia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia for a growing and unsustainable demand for fuel (mainly in other parts of the world). Therefore I agree with the present Greenpeace action.

Indonesia is not Saudi Arabia, and its palm oil does not equal the fossil oil reservoirs of the Arabian Peninsula. And so there is no hope for a even a medium-term oil rent from former Sumatran peatland forests.

The costs of degrading the environment, creating social strife, causing a lack of food and disconnecting people from the experience of a healthy natural environment will hit Indonesia just as hard as it has hit Germans, Americans and others in overdeveloped countries who are presently caught in a trap of hastily defended artificial growth and mobility.

At present, the absence of sereneness and wisdom are the highest prices we must payfar worse than climate change, because the latter hits others!
Instead of creating a greenwashed roundtable for an impossible sustainable use of palm oil, industrialized countries including their food and petrol industries ought to invest all intellectual energy in an effort to reduce their need for combustion energy and set an example of a sustainable wind and solar post-industrialized world. Indonesia: Don't do it our way. Try long-term sustainable development instead!RALF DUNKERHamburg

Things are getting out of hand. Even now all the facts are on the table and the threats to the environment and human kind are clear, yet still people keep going to destroy our planet. Stop it! NOW!ILONA STOKERUtrecht, the Netherlands

This action is very good because by preventing the palm oil from being sent to other countries, we will be able to protect our environment.PUSPA Y.S.Metro, Lampung

Greenpeace is right, deforestation should be stopped. LIZ VAN TONGEREN Amsterdam

I totally agree with Greenpeace. Forest clearing for palm oil plantations should stop immediately! I don't want this palm oil in my soap or other daily products.JACQUELINE SCHUILING Amsterdam

My opinion is that the Greenpeace blockade of several palm oil shipments was a brilliant idea. They were really creative in expressing their demands and showing their protest.

My concern is that Greenpeace is an international organization whose presence in Indonesia is to help us sort out environmental problems, but I as an Indonesian am unable to do anything or even contribute something to help save the environment.

I love my country and I really want Indonesia to be number one in palm oil exports but please don't destroy forests. Don't cut down any more trees. I want my children one day to still be able to know about forests, not just history like here in Jakarta.

Thank you to the people around the world who have represented Greenpeace here in Indonesia to help save our forests.ZAHRAJakarta
Please stop deforestation for palm oil plantations!SJOUKJE DE GRAAFAmsterdam